Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Search and Destroy

The monotony of my job has allowed me ample time to dwell on recent events. I've been asking myself several questions. Why was I at Black's house? Did I intend to kill him? It hasn't been a waking thought of mine. He doesn't pose any immediate threat to me, especially in light of his domestic issues. Maybe there's something I'm missing in the big picture. A physical manifestation of some subconscious fear. I need to clear my thoughts, get a new perspective on things. I think I'm going to head to the Loop tonight. The university is getting ready for the fall semester. There should be a whole crop of fresh cattle ripe for slaughter. Some many mindless drones in need of death. A bloodletting always seems to clear my head and the Loops residents have lived in false security for far too long.

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