Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dream Revelations

Had just about given up on recovering any shred of my lost days until last night. I had a dream about Detective Black that so disturbed me I was compelled to act on it. In the dream the I was standing over the good detective's lifeless body, staring down at the pool of blood radiating from the gaping knife wound in his chest. When I looked up from the corpse I saw Mirror Man standing a few feet away, grinning at me devilishly with a dripping butcher knife in his hand. Mirror Man lunged at me and we wrestled to the ground, each struggling for advantage. I felt a cold searing in my abdomen as his knife plunged in deeply. I awoke on the floor tangled in blankets. I spent a few minutes searching the internet to find Detective Black's address. It's amazing how simple it is to find anything about anyone if you have a computer. I arrived at his Galleria address a little after noon. I was a little taken aback at the extravagance of his home. It's much more than what would be affordable on an honest police officer's salary. Perhaps the good detective isn't quite so good. After stalking around his residence for a while I finally caught sight of him, or what used to be him. He appeared much more haggard than our last encounter, but exactly as I had seen in my dream. his living room was also identical to my dream. He was sitting on a couch staring blankly at a photograph and drinking heavily from a bottle of Macallan. The toll of losing his child and his wife's subsequent trial have weighed very heavily on him. He didn't die as in my dream like I expected to see, but I was definitely here at some point during my missing days. The next question is why was Mirror Man in the dream.


  1. I'll like the way your character looks at humanity. Slightly mysanthropic it seems to me. A nice read before bed.

  2. Keep reading. He's more than slightly misanthropic. :)