Monday, August 2, 2010

No Revelations

So far no discoveries in my missing days. I ferociously searched the news for any signs, but to no avail. I decided to call in sick to try and wrap my head around things. I ended up having lunch with Candace to try to smooth things over. She was predictably pissed at me. I put on my "human mask" and explained the pressures I was having to deal with in my new position. I milked the sympathy for all it was worth. It was pretty effective, in fact she apologized to me for getting upset. It was a rather comical episode. While we were dining I noticed a reflection in the glass. Seated a few tables away from us was Mirror Man having lunch with a group of cattle. He looked like he was having a business meeting. I hadn't even thought of him since the day I lost him in the garage. I could feel the anger and hatred rising below the surface. I kept my attention divided by his every move and Candace's babbling. After a time he became aware that he was being watched. I saw him cautiously glance around the dining room. He caught a glimpse of my reflection. A leering smile plastered his face. His contempt brought my anger to the surface. Candace could see a change in my demeanor as my skin became flush. She asked if I was alright. I managed to slide my "human mask" back on and placate her. We finished our meal and I walked her out and got her a cab. After she was gone I returned my focus to Mirror Man but he was nowhere to be found. I asked the hostess if it had seen him go, but it was no help to me. I hopped on a train and rode around for awhile but I couldn't find a trace of him.

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