Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lost Days

Woke with a start this morning. It was several minutes before I recognized my own bedroom. I have no recollection of the last 48 hours. I remember leaving the office late Friday evening. I took the train to the Galleria to meet Candace. We had a quiet dinner at Gnucci's. I remember leaving with her and going back to her place. Everything after that is a blur. My first thought was that I had killed her. My mind raced at the prospect of having to cover up her murder two days after the fact. I looked at my phone and saw several missed calls and text messages from Candace, 3 dated this morning. I read the texts and listened to the voice mails, trying to piece together at least part of the weekend. I gathered that at some point late Friday or early Saturday I abandoned her bed without telling her. Lot of anger and worry in her voice. I'll call her later. I'll explain that I had something urgent at the office. I'm pretty sure I can portray sympathy well enough to make her feel bad about being upset with me. In the mean time I have to figure out what the hell happened and why I can't remember. These blackouts are becoming more frequent. If I don't get a handle on them soon all my plans with lay in ruins.

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