Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missed Calls

Been so wrapped up in the new position and my failed project at the water tower that I've been neglecting Candace. She left several voice and text messages for me over the past several days. The messages had a progression from jovial to angry to worried. I finally spoke to her last night. I put on my best "human mask" and tried my hand at remorse. Apparently it worked. She quickly forgave me of my workaholic ways. She did give me a lecture on not working too hard and ignoring her. I lost count of how many times "I know" and "I'm sorry" dribbled out of my mouth. It began to feel like beating my head against the wall. I started to wonder if all this nonsense is worth my time and energy, literally making a mental pros and cons list as I spoke to her. In the end the pros won out for the biggest pro of all - she may be extremely useful as an alibi or hostage if things get out of hand.

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