Thursday, July 1, 2010

Short Lived Bliss

Being without the Corporate Muppet has made for a productive and enjoyable work environment these past few days. Unfortunately, the police had to get involved sooner than I would have liked. Interviews were conducted throughout the day for all employees. The cops are intensely searching for the Muppet. They seemed to be very concerned about the incineration of its house. Again, the cattle have amazed me. They have murderers and rapists galore in this city and the authorities are concentrating their efforts in investigating a potential insurance fraud. Apparently it's better to go after the easy criminals rather than try for the dangerous ones. Is it any wonder that I despise them so? With the looming threat of someone defrauding a multi billion dollar corporate conglomerate for a few hundred thousand dollars, I wonder how long it will take them to connect a burned down house to two dead bodies and a seemingly random fire at a storage facility. I heard some grumblings through the office that corporate hire ups have already starting looking into the possibility of replacing the Muppet.

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