Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July

Took off early from the office today. That place is still utter chaos from the police investigation and I wasn't getting anything done. Candace sent me an email about doing something together this weekend. I'm supposed to meet her when she gets off work later. On my train ride home I spied Mirror Man in the next car. An anger welled up inside me at the sight of him. His slight and his arrogance flashed before my mind. Right there I decided it was time to kill him. When the train pulled into the Galleria Mirror Man got off and I took up pursuit. We played our game of cat mouse, weaving through the holiday weekend crowds. Massive amounts of cattle were buying fireworks. The one time of the year when it's legal to set off explosives and they run out to purchase the equivalent of 12 sticks of dynamite. I do relish in reading the gruesome stories of accidents that accompany each 4th of July. The cattle actually pay for the opportunity to help me in my cause. After traversing through the crowds I followed Mirror Man towards a two-story garage. He boarded the elevator and I ran up the stairs to surprise him, but when the doors opened the elevator was empty. I searched feverishly through the garage, sure that he was behind every turn waiting to ambush me. But my efforts proved to be fruitless. I never found him. I headed back to the train, keeping an eye out for Mirror Man but he never resurfaced.

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