Monday, July 26, 2010

A Bright Spot

Flipped on the news this morning to discover something interesting. Zameer Hatem hung himself in his cell last night. That's a very tidy conclusion to a loose end. I'm sure there will be riotous complaints by religious and human rights groups about the convenience of Hatem's untimely demise, but the civic leaders we'll turn a blind eye. They'll make a dog and pony show of launching an investigation but everyone will know they allowed it to happen, they wanted it to happen. Right now there's probably a group of white supremacists with a violent histories enjoying special conjugal visits compliments of their warden. It's a wonder these cattle managed to usurp the planets previous inhabitants. For all their higher learning and civilized ways they are truly the lowest of all life. I might find their antics enjoyable were I not forced to live amongst them.

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