Monday, July 19, 2010

Leg Work

Spent a better part of the weekend observing the water facility. It's amazing how easy it will be to break in and poison the well so to speak. The facility is well hidden, probably because the cattle don't want it to disturb their view. They have one rickety chain link gate at the drive monitored by a stationary camera. I could drive a fucking battleship in there and they would never know. The cattle that work at the plant appear to leave the plant to be monitored remotely during the weekend. I slipped in last night to get a better lay of the land. From what I can tell the effluent of the processing center gets stored in a water tower and a ground storage tank. There doesn't appear to be any monitoring equipment other than flow meters and level meters. Very easy to slip something in and create mass havoc. I think this has the potential to far exceed the Murphy Center project.

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