Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Field Trip

Been so preoccupied with my new position I haven't really had time to notice my surroundings all that much. It's nice to be distracted but when I finally stopped moving yesterday it all came rushing back. The odor of the city assaulted my nose when I walked out of the office. The masses of cattle and traffic were overwhelming. My rage welled inside me. Not at the cattle though. I don't how I could have been lulled into such a sedate state. Every moment I'm docile these creatures forget their place. They forget that a predator lurks beyond every shadow. Lost in thought, I missed my stop on the train. I found myself heading towards the outskirts of the city. I had never been that far on the train. The landscape changed dramatically. The city seemed to be dying and giving way to a sprawling suburb. Trees became more prevalent and giant apartments became single family homes. I noticed something to the north of the train - a water tower. The city doesn't have any that I know of. The water all comes directly from the processing plant. As I saw the tower a wicked grin spread across my lips. I've found a new project.

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