Friday, July 23, 2010

Deviating from the Plan - Body Count 93

Went to do some last minute recon at the water tower last night. Things took an unexpected turn for the worse. I made my way in easily enough, but I quickly learned I wasn't alone. As I rounded the main building I came face to face with a late night worker performing some kind of testing. In retrospect I'm not sure who was more surprised. It started to blurt out something about my not being allowed in there. I stepped forward and violently drove my fist into it's throat. It fell backwards, gagging for air. I quickly moved in and snapped it's neck. Not expecting any resistance, I had come to the tower unarmed. I always find killing by hand lacks any finesse or beauty. It takes away the pure joy of the kill. Nonetheless, necessity is the mother of invention. The ground storage tank seemed to be the most logical place to dispose of the corpse. The aroma of freshly treated water stung my nostrils as I opened the hatch. The concentrated odor made it difficult to concentrate as I pushed the body inside. After wiping down the hatch I quietly vacated the premises, keeping a watchful eye out for cameras and any would be witnesses. I'm wracked with disappointment in myself. My plans have been laid to waste or at least severely delayed. I'm also upset about not carrying a blade, a mistake I'll never make again.

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