Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Return

Got back a little while ago. A massive storm front moved into the city shortly before we arrived, bathing the city in stagnant air and sweltering humidity. Already I feel a wave of nausea and claustrophobia settling upon me. It started to hit me as Candace and I said our goodbyes. We had such an invigorating and stimulating weekend I was loathe to see it end. Foolishly, I decided to check my messages when I got home. The Corporate Muppet left several frantic messages for me. I stopped listening by the third one. The whole situation boils down to the Muppet fucked up and needs me to clean up after it. A day of reckoning for that insignificant speck is coming very soon. A bloody, violent end to it wretched, pathetic life. Maybe after I cleanse this city of its infestation Candace and I can return to the mountains, to reconnect with nature. Maybe this place will fade from our minds like the remnants of a distorted dream. For now I must be vigilant and bide my time. Whether I have to massacre the cattle one at a time or slaughter the whole herd in one fell swoop, their time is coming.

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