Monday, June 14, 2010

The Return

Landed at the airport around three this afternoon. I was supposed to be back at noon. The city is experiencing a torrential downpour. It's taunting me, mocking my very existence. On the flight I was wedged between insufferable cattle. The one on my left felt that regaling me with the inane exploits of it's brain dead offspring was a good way to spend our seven hour flight. The one on the right occasionally pulled its nose from it's bible to nod at the anecdotes and throw out the occasional "He works in mysterious ways." By hour four I was waiting for my head to explode. I actually began to envy the surrounding cattle in their electronically induced comas. If nothing else I just wanted the cable from their headphones to strangle my bookends. When we finally touched down all of the gates were full, relegating us to deplane via staircase. A quarter mile trek in the rain to the terminal only to find out my luggage had been placed on a later flight. After unleashing a string of profanity at excessive volume I slid on my "human mask". I calmly explained to the attendant that I was leaving and that my bags should be forwarded to my home as soon as possible. I gladly paid the huge cost of taking a cab home. Me riding the train home, crammed in with cattle was not going to happen. I've been sitting here staring at the wall behind my darkened television, enjoying the silence and serenity.

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