Friday, June 11, 2010

The Passenger

Made it to Kansas City last night. I was quite surprised at how smoothly the trip went. I fully expected to be met at the airport by Detective Black and a herd of police. Perhaps I've been apprehensive for no reason. I sailed through security and boarded the plane with ease. Even the flight was enjoyable. It was half empty, just small patches of cattle here and there. I was even afforded a row to myself. I fell easily into much needed sleep. It was a blissful, dreamless sleep. When I deboarded the plane I was overwhelmed by the fresh crispness in the air. No overpowering stench of cattle, no stagnation choking the life from me. I felt a calm I've not had in days. On the cab ride from the airport I was in awe of the surroundings. Looking around it was like I was seeing the world with a new found clarity. Colors seemed sharper, a bit brighter. I even found myself jovially conversing with the cab driver. From the hotel I phoned Candace to converse with her and make plans for my return. One thing perplexed me about all of last nights events; I never once had to put on my "human mask".

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