Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lost and Found

Ventured into the Loop late last night. The train station was thankfully near deserted. When the car door opened I was a little taken aback to see Mirror Man sitting directly in front of me. I stepped in and headed to the back of the otherwise empty car. I hadn't forgotten his slight, but it wasn't the time to deal with him. Mirror Man glared at me. I could see his lips tightening and a certain anger building in his eyes. As the train pulled away from the station he walked towards me and sat down beside me. He let out a long, low sigh and began to address me in a hoarse voice.

"You've been acting a fool lately. You've been careless, self indulgent and thoughtless."

Hatred welled inside me. The fingernails inside my balled fists dug deeply into the flesh of my palms.

"Save you anger. It serves no good for you. I'm offering you a chance to make amends. I know where your knife is and I'll show you"

I asked him why he would help me. He replied that he had a vested interest in my well being. Stunned, I remained silent for the duration of our ride, pondering the ramifications of his words. When the train stopped in the loop he quickly led me through the nearly vacant streets. He moved so swiftly that I was having problems following him in the shadows as we distanced ourselves from the well lit main streets. We eventually came to a blind alley behind a row of deserted buildings. The only light was from a mostly dead streetlamp. Mirror Man directed me towards some clutter at the end of the alley. After a moment or two of digging through the refuse I came up with my knife. It was covered in caked on blood. Obviously I must have stashed it in a hurry. After trying to recollect the events that caused such a dangerous act I came up with my reacquired blade only to find that I had been deserted. A shiver went up my spine and I cautiously made my way back to the train station. Along the way I spotted a patrolman making his rounds through the neighborhood. Luckily, I saw him quickly and was able to elude him. When I was finally able to board a train I positioned myself defensively in a corner. I rode home in a state of anxiety, not really thinking just alertly surveying my surroundings. My journey ended without incident. I made it home before 2 and caught a few hours of sleep after sterilizing my knife.

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