Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Night Dinner

Candace met me at Giorgio's, a quaint Italian restaurant in the Loop. It has great food, it's very quiet and it's secluded. She was stunning when she walked in. Her hair was pulled up off her shoulders showing off her sparkling earrings. The brightness of her deep blue eyes offset her black hair. It took me a second to stand up and pull out a chair for her. I'm not sure if I was dazzled by her or if my "human skills" are that rusty. It certainly had been a while since I've been out with a woman. She greeted me with her warm smile and we ordered some drinks, a red wine for her and a club soda for myself. She curiously inquired about my non-alcoholic tendencies. I regaled her with a tragic but false story of my best friend "William" dying in a horrible drunk driving escapade. She apologized profusely and asked if I was offended by her drinking. I quickly assured her that I was fine with it and not drinking was just my personal choice. That seemed to put her at ease. We had a lengthy conversation over veal. She revealed a few interesting personal tidbits about herself and I told her some "facts" about me. I got the impression that she is becoming enamored with me. We ended the evening making plans for another date over a cup of cappuccino. We shared a short, but passionate kiss before we parted. Her scent lingered around me for a little while after she left. Candace is special.

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