Monday, May 3, 2010


Hardly got any sleep last night. Every time I closed my eyes I kept seeing Mirror Man. After a few restless hours I got up and walked to the train station. I decided I wasn't in the mood to go for a ride when I got there. Ended up walking aimlessly for hours, occasionally stopping to peer in windows to observe the cattle in their natural habitats. Most were enjoying blissful, envious sleep but I did come across a few things of note. I saw three couples fornicating, five individuals watching informercials and a rather sad, strange one sitting on it's bed covered in peanut butter masturbating to beastiality porn. Such strange diverse creatures these cattle can be. After a while I found my thoughts turning to Candace, wondering where she was and if she was thinking of me. I continued my trek and pondering until the first rays of daylight breached the horizon. Reluctantly I headed for home to prepare for the day.

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