Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Hunting Ground

While leaving Candace's place last night my desire to kill returned with a vengeance. Surrounded by the denizens of the Galleria with their pretentious attitudes and faux personalities I began to plot. The train was packed with potential victims. The bleached blond to my left ignoring her obnoxious offspring while it talked on a phone with reckless abandon. How nice it would be to see its intestines ripped out, bodily fluids of every kind spraying about and matting that ridiculous hair. The trendy couple across from me with their electronic gadgets and expensive clothing would be a sight to behold with their throats slit and texting thumbs shoved into their eye sockets. So many cattle just ripe for the picking. A few more days of restraint to make sure the police have lost all interest in me then the bloodbath will ensue. I must prepare my tools and steel my nerves. I need to be prepared and focused.

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