Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blood Stains On My Hands - Body Count 86

After spending the past few nights with Candace, I stayed at home last night. When I laid down I tossed and turned for several hours. Finally giving up on my losing struggle I grabbed some of my tools and headed out to catch a train. I hadn't intended to start slaughtering cattle this soon but my compulsion got the the better of me. My journey took me to the edge of the Galleria, an area called Green Meadows. It's one of those horribly cheerful names they give to poor neighborhoods that surround affluent areas. Green Meadows isn't bad at all, it just looks terrible by comparison. It's a neighborhood of racial and cultural diversity that doesn't exist in the Galleria. While sitting on the train a young Latino girl caught my attention. She was on her way home from work. Judging by her uniform she worked for one of the airlines, probably at a reservation desk due to her lack of luggage. I noticed a small gold crucifix adorning her neck. It had slipped out from the open button at the top of her dress shirt. I've never understood the cattle and their fascination with religion. It has pacified them into the thoughtless beasts they are today. When our train pulled to a stop I could see the lights from the Galleria. The shined brightly from the towering buildings. The girl and a few other cattle pressed out of the car and I followed. She broke away from the herd and headed towards the commuter lot. I followed her as quietly as possible. My soft soled shoes helped, but with the stillness around us any noise would have spooked her. I noticed a few cameras around the lot but as dark as it was and with my hat I wasn't particularly concerned. The girl found her way to a late model blue Honda. As she unlocked her car and opened the door I quickly swooped in behind her. I restrained her hand from pushing her panic button and grabbed her by the hair, slamming her head violently against the roof. The impact dazed her enough to drop her keys and lose her balance. I pushed her forward into the car and flipped her over to look at her face. Her eyes widened in terror. After going so long without seeing that look it was practically orgasmic. She tried to struggle but I had her pinned down pretty well. With my hand over her mouth I started to work her flesh with my knife. It's amazing how easy it is to shave flesh with a sharp blade. It's almost like slicing cheese. Skin and meat peeled away from her young face and I reached bone and teeth in no time. Blood, tears and saliva covered her face and seat. She was beginning to hyperventilate, her eyes as big as saucers. I started to wonder if she was praying. I wonder if she lost her faith when divine intervention didn't stop me from plunging my knife into her chest. She didn't last long after that. Her breath became shallow and finally ceased as her eyes went dead. It wasn't one of my better efforts but I slept like a rock when I got home.

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