Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Body Count 87

While I despise the cattle, I do rather enjoy their holidays. They make it so easy for me to pick them off. The downtown area has been packed with parades and crowds for the last 2 days. I immersed myself amongst them last night, my "human mask" plastered on. I trolled the bars and clubs for several hours past sundown observing the masses. Drunkards and shameless whores from wall to wall in every establishment. Just past midnight I spied a raven haired girl who appeared to be out of place amongst the heathens and blaring din from the speakers. She was sitting quietly alone at the bar drinking water, occasionally checking her phone for either the time or missed calls. It appeared she had been stood up. Around one she she gave up and left some cash on the bar before heading out the door. I pursed her into the still crowded streets, easily remaining hidden from her. She took out her phone and called someone named "Todd", leaving a rather scathing message. Her angered call left her a little disoriented. After hanging up she stopped mid stride and looked around, lost and confused. She turned and looked directly at me. I flashed a quick smile and continued forward. She stopped me, asking if I could direct her towards the Chestnut St. parking garage. I gladly offered her directions and sent her on her way. Fading back into the shadows I continued to pursue her towards the garage. As the crowds thinned out considerably towards Chestnut. I moved in closer. As we neared an alley I quickly covered her mouth with my left hand and forced her back with a knife to her throat. A few feet off the street the blade tore into her flesh, slicing deeply. I threw her to the ground to watch her bleed out. In short order her brown eyes paled and died with the rest of her body. Satisfied with the carnage I left her corpse and headed home for the evening.

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