Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spent most of the last night studying the ladies from the lake. Being that the restaurant is the social mecca of the lake, they returned for dinner as I anticipated. I was at the bar drinking club sodas and politely conversing with the barmaid when they walked in. They were truly stunning. The taller girl was dressed in a sheer white dress showing some very lovely legs. The other had on jeans and a low cut top, her hair up to make sure everyone could see her ample assets. Mine weren't the only eyes that followed them as they crossed the room to take their seats with a group of cattle. I ordered a nice salmon dinner for myself while they drank and dined with their friends. In watching the group dynamic, I surmised that these two are the focal point of this particular group of cattle. The others hung on their every word, even dropping their own side conversations in the off chance of missing something important. After three courses and several rounds, the group paid their tab. I allowed them a minute to collect themselves and make for the door before I paid my bill and followed. As I suspected they were still in the parking lot fraternizing when I exited. Making my way casually to the rental car, I kept an eye on them. They were saying their final goodbyes and getting into their own car. A short wait later and I was following them west down the main strip. About a mile and half down the road we pulled into one of the resort hotels. I drove past them and took a parking spot to watch them enter a villa. To my dismay, I discovered they are sharing lodgings with some other friends, exacerbating the problem of separating them from the herd. I watched the villa for several hours observing and formulating my next move. Finally a satisfactory plan came to mind. Tonight I'm going to put it into action.

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