Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Best Laid Plans: Body Count - 4

Today is not a good day. Everything got all fucked up last night. My recurring dream followed me up to the lake. I was at the park sitting on the bench watching Dad being drowned by the man from the platform, the girl and the prostitute. They were reveling in his demise, laughing and taunting him. When the splashing and struggling had ceased the three backed away from his body. He rose rose from the water, but it wasn't Dad. It was the gentleman from the train, the Mirror Man. The three looked upon in him awe and fear as he continued his ascent from the river. He made his way up the bank and walked towards me, never looking away. He stopped directly in front of me and cast his gaze downward. He began to speak to me in that strange buzzing language the girl had. I tried to understand but I couldn't decipher anything. He became aggravated at my lack of comprehension and began to choke me. I tried to stop him, but couldn't break his iron grip. I could feel my windpipe crushing under his hand. I abruptly shot awake coughing and gagging, my heart beating thunderously in my chest. Catching a reflection in the mirror, I could see bruising around my throat. After catching my breath and calming myself a bit I realized that I had overslept by several hours, well into the afternoon. I quickly dressed and drove to the resort to catch the girls. Instead I found empty parking spots in front of the villa and a cleaning crew preparing it for new occupants. Angry and distraught, I drove through the town and around the lake searching for them in vain. Finally resigning myself to the fact that I had blown my opportunity and my plans laid to waste, I headed to the restaurant for an early dinner. My discontent was very apparent. The barmaid from the previous night made comment of my depressed demeanor. Not really wanting to converse with her, I brusquely ordered a club soda and grilled trout. When she came back, she had my club soda and a beer. Answering to my quizzical expression she explained that the beer was from her. She said I looked like I could use a drink. For the first time I really noticed her. She appeared to be in her late 30's, possibly early 40's. The dim bar light would have made her appear in her late 20's to the intoxicated wretch. Her body was in good shape from years of running between tables fetching drinks and spending time on the lake. We exchanged smiles and I thanked her for the kind gesture but explained that I don't drink. I quickly slipped into my "human mask" and we delved into a conversation, much to the chagrin of some of her customers, but she didn't seem to be phased by it. I told her that I was supposed to be meeting some friends this weekend, but they had blown me off. She seemed to genuinely care, or was at least very adept at feigning it. We continued our conversation through the course of my meal and I stayed to have a few more club sodas. When it was time to pay the bill she gave me a sly smile and said she got off at ten and I was invited to spend some time with her and her friends. I smiled and politely declined. She countered by offering to spend some time with just her. I thought about it for a moment and said that sounded like fun. She told me to come back around 10:15 and pick her up. After killing a few hours at the motel I made my way back just in time to see her emerge. She had changed from her work clothes, dressed in a mid length skirt and a light colored blouse. I waved her over and she slid into my passenger seat. After a cordial greeting she had me drive to a remote place on the other side of the lake that boasted a beautiful view. On the short drive she explained that the spot was a place she used to go fishing and swimming as a little girl. Upon arriving I was astonished at the view. I could see clear across the lake and there were so many stars it looked as if I could reach out and grab one. After a few minutes of idle chit chat she laid a hand on my thigh and leaned in to kiss me. Her lips were soft and nice, rather enjoyable actually. She pulled away from our embrace and suggested we get out enjoy the night air. She climbed out and walked to the edge of the water. I reached into the center console and drew my hunting knife. I go out and walked over to her with the knife carefully hidden from sight. She began to talk about how much she loved seeing the lake from this side at night, how peaceful and serene it seemed after everyone had left for the day. I agreed and then covered her mouth and plunged the knife deep in her back. From my peripheral vision I could see the shock in her eyes. I dragged her behind the car and proceeded to viciously stab her. I lost count after 50, becoming entranced as her flesh beckoned the blade. All the rage I felt from missing the girls became focused in the tip of my knife, each puncture doing little to quell it. When I came back into myself I looked at what was left of her - a bloody, oozing mass of flesh. No distinguishable features left, no trace of her former self. After a moment of reflection, and maybe even a pang of pity, I started the clean up. I put her lifeless corpse in the plastic lined trunk and pulled out a canister of gasoline to douse the bloody ground. I threw my blood stained over shirt in the trunk along with the gas and the knife. After taking a quick survey of the land for any witnesses or evidence, I jumped in the car and headed south towards the city. About 45 minutes later I pulled to a stop at a densely wooded section of the highway surrounded by rolling hills. I pulled the plastic covered body out of the car and carried it a few yards into the foliage. Returning to the car, I changed out the stolen license plates and replaced them with the rental plates. I grabbed the shirt, the plates and the canister of gasoline and continued the process. After throwing the shirt and license plates on the bar maid I covered her and the surrounding area with the gas and lit it on fire. I quickly made my way to the car and continued heading to the city. I finally pulled into my place around 3:30 this morning. This is not how I intended the weekend to go.

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