Friday, April 2, 2010

More cattle at the lake than I anticipated. Although I should have expected it with the holiday and the warm weather. Surprisingly, the cattle out here in the open air don't bother me quite as much. I can almost bear to wear my "human mask" around them. I even enjoyed a peaceful meal surrounded by them at the lakefront restaurant earlier. The patio dining room afforded me a splendid view of the lake. I was also audience to the drunken water sports some of the cattle were engaged in. Amazingly, there were no decapitations by propeller. In the midst of the water antics I spied two intriguing brunette young ladies, their supple bodies bronzing in the sun. They didn't seem interested in the other cattle. In fact, they seemed quite taken with each other. Not enough to draw attention to themselves, but enough that a keen observer could see they are more than friends. A sly look here, a telling glance there. It was a very interesting dynamic to behold. I'll be heading back to the restaurant in a little while for dinner and maybe a little more.


  1. Nice wording. Is it your story? Sounds interesting.

  2. Thanks! Yes it's mine. I wanted to do something from a killer's perspective.