Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Friend

Went out to lunch this afternoon to escape the confines of the office. It's not something I normally do but being there was getting to be too much. I went down to a small deli a few blocks away that has a nice outdoor dining section. The weather is much too exquisite to spend all day in a box with cattle. The restaurant was bustling with the lunchtime herd when I arrived. Fortunately I was able to be seated rather quickly. I sat enjoying my iced tea and drinking in the nature while I waited for my food. While taking a sip a woman on a cell phone bumped into my arm and spilled my tea. Before I had a chance to angrily respond the woman promptly hung up her call and apologized profusely. Seeing true remorse in her green eyes, I quickly slid on my "human mask" and laughed off the situation. She was relieved at seeing my indifference to her faux pas. I invited her to sit down and join me for lunch. She politely refused, saying that she had a business meeting she was already late for. She did however offer to buy me a drink this evening at Webbs, one of those horrible trendy bars filled with young corporate cattle in expensive suits and smug attitudes. Disguising my distaste at the choice of venue, I readily agreed to meet her at 8:00 tonight. She smiled sweetly and introduced herself as Candace before she turned and left. Her scent lingered in the air for few minutes after she left. It was an intoxicating fragrance. Tonight could prove to be very interesting.

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