Saturday, April 17, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I've decided to go with a big boom from the sodium hydroxide. Rode the train around for awhile this morning looking for inspiration, looking for something that will drive fear into the hearts of the cattle. My first choice was obvious - a train station. I quickly ruled that one out though. No need to make things difficult on myself in the course of punishing them. The airport seemed like another viable option, but the logistics of getting something in there is a headache. Plus the response from the various government Alphabet Agencies is more than I want to contend with at the moment. A hospital has possibilities, but I'd prefer that to be a last resort. Why pick off the sick and dying cattle when there are so many vibrant ones running around. The train passed by various neighborhoods but nothing caught my interest. Derelict buildings are in abundance, but they're such an easy target with no real value. About an hour and half into the trip I had an epiphany. Usually I'm completely oblivious to the banner ads plastered all over the train, but one caught my attention. One of those wretched American Idol tours is coming to the city. It's perfect. I can wipe out horrid "musicians" and their idiot fan base in one fell swoop. I'll have a few weeks to do recon and plan, but the wait will be worth it.

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