Friday, April 16, 2010

Interesting train ride this morning. It started out like the normal commute, herded along with the cattle in an overfilled car. Most of them with their vacant stares and electronically induced comas. About halfway through my journey two of them started mincing words - threats, vulgar name calling, the usual fair of knuckle dragging cretins. From what I gleaned of their interaction the altercation was over a soured deal of some sort. Their tempers flared and the situation quickly escalated to a physical one. The intimidated cattle around them started to part and slink away. It didn't take long for blood to be drawn. The larger of the two cattle had the other one on the ground beating it viciously in the face. In a last ditch effort the smaller cattle produced a small pistol and fired a round through the skull of his opponent. There was a momentary blissful silence after the report of the pistol died. Then the screaming and panic started. Cattle trying to claw their way out of a moving train car and frantic phone calls and text messaging. The murderer was still dazed by the gravity of the situation. Not sure if it was his first kill or if he realized the dire position he was now in. The transit police finally responded, taking him into custody and exiting the car at the next stop. The cattle also had a mass exodus at that stop. When the door closed there were just a handful left. It was a very enjoyable ride. I couldn't help but smile all the way to the office.

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