Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working out the Frustration - Body Count 97

Been a very trying week. Had to pony up just under ten grand to make my legal troubles go away. Someday very soon that waste of flesh is going to have to reap what it has sown. With Candace busy with my predicament and her other workload we've barely seen each other. I found myself missing her. It's amazing how much I've come to depend on her in carnal matters. Coupled with all of these matters, it was Laurie's first week of work. Her youth and personality captivated much of the office. She held my attentions for most of the week, fantasizing about violating her in ways she's only dared to think of in terrible nightmares, taking liberties with each of her orifices and maybe cutting a few more. When she's had her fill I'll open her ripe flesh to release an ocean of red. By the time Friday rolled around I was a walking powder keg of lust and violence. A stalk around the Loop seemed like a pleasant way to spend the evening. I was meet with an unexpected surprise when I stepped of the train platform - Oktoberfest. The cattle never cease to amaze. They hold a festival named for a specific month in the wrong fucking month. Unbelievable. On the plus side, the mock German festival provided plenty of drunken targets of opportunity. Walking through the beer garden I quickly spotted several ideal candidates. I also spotted several cops. An overwhelming hatred for the officers crashed over me like a wave. My attentions quickly shifted to the cops. Killing them always presents specific challenges, but it also grants a special rush other kills rarely yield. I focused on a veteran officer. They usually make easier targets. They're slower and more self consumed making it easier to get close to them undetected. My prey eventually walked away from the crowd, as the cops always do. It settled into a spot behind some of the stationary beer trucks to have a cigarette. I easily crept up to slit it's throat from behind and left before it's body hit the ground. I prefer to relish in the kill but part of the experience of slaying law enforcement officials is to escape undetected.

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