Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Process

Though I am loathe to admit it, sometimes the most mundane chores make living amongst the cattle palatable. With the economy crawling back to it's knees the company has decided to invest in more employees. I've been conducting interviews for the last two days. It's been a parade of resumes and degrees with barely distinguishable faces. I can feel the wear on my "human mask". It cracks a little more with each idiotic syllable that spews from their mouths. This morning I was taken by surprise. A young brunette fresh out of college entered my office with a certain presence and confidence exuding from her. I must admit I was a little dumbstruck when Laurie began to introduce herself. Her deep blue eyes were penetrating and forceful. I quickly became lost in them while she prattled on with the rehearsed lines her professors had drilled into her head. As the words trailed off and become a dull roar, I could see myself opening her flesh very slowly with a nice, sharp blade. Her skin would retract from its cold hardness before I pierced her. How those magnificent eyes would light up with the first thrust. I would paint the walls gory red and bathe naked in the crimson river of her. As the conversation came to a close blood was rushing to my member with each hastened heart beat. We each said our closing pleasantries and parted ways. I think I'm going to hire her tomorrow.

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