Friday, August 13, 2010

All The News is Fit to Print

Scanning through the news over the last few days I found a few articles detailing my recent exploit and some of my past activities. There was the usual police bullshit about them using all available resources to apprehend the person or persons responsible for these heinous crimes. While I do take a certain amount of pride in seeing my work being recognized it does weigh on the heart that it is so misunderstood. Perhaps it's for the best that the cattle don't comprehend the true nature. In time future generations may look back on my body of work and think of me as an artist. Possibly the first artist to work exclusively in the medium of flesh. As amusing as that possibility is, it still would be a misunderstanding. I came across another series of crimes while scanning the news. One insolent writer tried to connect them to me. They're childish to say the least but they do intrigue me. A masked figure has been terrorizing the females near the Galleria area for the past few months. Not physically harming them, the figure has been holding them at gun or knife point instilling traumatizing fear in his victims. The assailant whips himself into a sexual frenzy, ejaculates and then flees from the scene. I didn't read all the details of attacks, but it seems that this should be a slam dunk for the police.

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