Monday, July 12, 2010

Return to Form - Body Count 92

Went to the Loop last night. I hadn't been in weeks. With so many other places to stalk the cattle I find it curious that I'm compelled to return there. Perhaps it's the proximity to the university. A chance to stunt the growth of the vermin before they reach adulthood. Regardless, I found myself there late last evening. The streets were still alive with activity even though the school year has been out for well over a month. Pretentious "scholars" and "free thinkers" still crowd into the coffee shops to fawn over the dribble that some asshole claims are the "words of his soul". The local clubs still have bands that draw in the mindless drones that think the best music in the world is the shit they hear in movies and commercials. I wasn't in the mood for coffee, so I decided on a club. Always plenty of cattle in those places that need to die. I paid the $15 cover at a place called the Panama Lounge. It was the typical horrible rock club - dim lights, expensive drinks, ridiculous P.A. system, a sheen of liquid covering every square inch of the floor - except it had murals of palm trees painted on the concrete walls. The place was packed when I walked in. Hundreds of cattle crammed together to watch some band called The Beer Coaster Conspiracy. It was the typical Nirvana rip off with a whiny ass singer screaming about how it's girlfriend left. I could feel a migraine start to build pressure and pulse behind my eyes. Needing to quench my desire quickly I decided to forgo a finesse killing. I moved in close to a group of cattle dressed in black clothing with dyed black hair. Surely I could have the slaughtered them all and they wouldn't have been missed. I settled on the one closest to me. It was small and rather stationary, not moving to the "music" like the others. Stealthily I slid my blade out, it's carbon fiber blade not reflecting any light. As the lights went out for the next song I quickly stepped forward and drove the knife deeply into it's back, just below the ribcage. I removed the blade and melted into the crowd before the lights came up. The black clad cattle were oblivious to what happened and ignored my victim as it fell to the ground. I watch for a few minutes as it laid on the ground, helplessly being trampled into the ground. I slinked away quietly and returned home without incident. I awoke this morning feeling revived and more alive than I have in a long while.

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