Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

My pleasant day continue through course of yesterday. I was able to skip out of the office a little early and beat the traffic. It's always so much more enjoyable to ride the train when not surrounded by masses of cattle. The peaceful droning of the wheels against the steel rails can be quite hypnotic. I found myself lulled into a trance-like state, not really thinking or observing. When I arrived home I sank into a light, but peaceful slumber. I was awakened by Candace leaving a message for me. She was going to be able to make our late reservation. Looking at the clock I realized I still had a little while before I had to leave. Sitting down to sharpen my tools, I turned on the television. Thus far no further developments in the good detectives domestic difficulties. Perhaps I shouldn't be so concerned with his affairs but I do rather enjoy the thought of his suffering. It's unfortunate that I wasn't the cause of it. I was a few minutes late in arriving for dinner. Candace was already seated and perusing the wine list. Her jet black hair was pulled up revealing her beautifully sculpted face. Her bronzed skin exuded a glowing brilliance. My breath was momentarily taken away from me when she smiled brightly at me over her menu. We settled into a very natural rhythm of conversation. We briefly discussed our work and other banal things. We glossed over "that poor detective in the news who lost his daughter". We moved onto the brighter subjects of plans for this weekend and her surprise for me. She told me she couldn't wait until this weekend to show me so we paid the bill and retired to her loft. She excused herself for a moment and left me to my own devices. When she returned she was dressed in a sheer silk robe. Asking if I was ready to unwrap my surprise she guided my hands to the belt around her waist. Gently pulling at the cloth revealed a star made of sparkling sequins on her pelvic area. The look of surprise must have been evident on my face as she laughed softly. She explained that it was called "vajazzle", a type of beauty ritual somewhat similar to painting fingernails. When she asked if I liked it all I could do was nod my head. We both fell into a deep sleep after our vigorous session. When I woke this morning I had sequins stuck to my face and other parts of my body. Surprises may not be so bad after all.

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