Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wasted Time

What a fucked up weekend. Spent the better part of Friday night stuck in my "human mask" convincing the cattle at the police station that I had nothing to do with the blast. My argument basically boiled down to the fact that I had purchased a quantity of sodium hydroxide to supplement my soap making hobby. I explained that I had intended to order 2 pounds but ended up with 20 pounds due an error on my part when placing the order. I told them I had tried to return the excess chemical but the company refused. They seemed to accept my response but I could tell there was some lingering doubt. When they finally released me I headed straight home and drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep. When I woke yesterday morning I took a walk to the park. Right away I knew something was wrong. I could feel eyes upon me, the eyes of police. When I got to my bench at the park I looked around at some of the cattle. Most were doing their usual mundane routines. A few, however, stuck out to me. There was one sitting at a bench to my left near the fountain reading a paper. It was trying too hard to look like it wasn't watching me. I spied it peeking at me with my peripheral vision. I saw another with its "child" in a covered stroller. It was paying entirely too much attention to me to be adequately attending the "child". With these wretched things keeping me under surveillance thing are going to prove difficult at best. I haven't even bothered to leave today.

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