Sunday, April 11, 2010

Followed the test subject around today. She went to the Market Place near the Loop and had lunch at one of the outdoor bistros there. I was mesmerized watching her as the wind blew through her radiant hair, glowing in the sun. Her dining companion seemed to take notice of it too. It seemed as drawn to her as I am. After their meal I followed them as they strolled through the Loop, stopping in several small shops along the way. Their laughing and talking in such a jovial manner was maddening. To see that insignificant speck speak to my test subject, she who was chosen above all others. I had great difficulty not slaying it on the spot. From their conversations I did glean the fact that she is a grade school teacher at one of the area private schools. Imagine all those young cattle that get to see that magnificent specimen everyday. How I envy them. After a few hours of cat and dog she left her speck and headed for home. I followed her back and observed her from a coffee shop across the street from her apartment. She spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening reading a book by the window. As the the sun set she left her intellectual pursuits and turned to that insipid television for a mind numbing experience. I finished a last cup of coffee and headed home to check the status of my sodium hydroxide. These next few days will be a great test of my patience.

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