Friday, March 26, 2010

Left work early this afternoon. It's such a beautiful spring day. No rain, vivid colors in bloom and that sweet fresh air. If I hadn't been in such a hurry to get home I may have gone to the park to partake in its majesty. But my trophies are too precious to go unattended. They were in my workshop just as I left them, carefully preserved in a formaldehyde solution. They still gleam with such a fierce intensity, a blue that could only be made by nature. None of the cattle have the passion to make something so pure. I sat and gazed at them for what seemed an eternity, trying to reach the state of euphoria I felt when I claimed them. I never quite reached that plateau, but it was more than enough to drive me to a physical frenzy. I imagined the scalpel caressing the girls body, drawing blood in it's wake. The steeliness of her eyes fixed at me with such fear. I climaxed with such intensity and ferocity at the thought that it was like my first time.

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