Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aftermath - 2

Television woke me up this morning. Must have fallen asleep with it on. It would seem they found the girl quicker than I anticipated. I didn't think she would be found until after the weekend. Here's a quick excerpt:

"Details are still sketchy at the moment, but late last night a 911 call was placed from this home in the 3400 block of Amanda reporting a murder. We have heard unconfirmed reports that the victim is a female student from the university. Police have declined to make an official comment at this time or release the name of the victim until families can be notified. They are asking that anyone with any information regarding this incident to please contact them at..."

You have to love the news media. They go off half cocked and start reporting grisly stories before they have any real concrete information. All they do is drive the cattle into a depserate, panic stricken fear. Then they'll rerun the story until the cattle become so numb to it that they don't even remember being concerned for their own well being.

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