Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Couldn't sleep again last night. I took the train to the Loop around 10:00. The local university keeps the Loop full of cattle until well into the night. Young drunkards and hipsters spewing forth their trivial knowledge and existential views. Mindless creatures too wrapped up in expressing their individuality to realize that they are surrounded by clones, all sporting the same tattoos, piercings and t-shirts. They have no concept of the true rebellion that spawned those mall bought ornaments they so proudly display. Running through that crowd with a chainsaw would be a gift to society.

After blindly making my way through the masses on the streets I found myself at a little record store, possibly one of the few left in existence. It had one of those horrible, cutesy alliterative names that escapes me. Upon entering I was bombarded with some kind of screeching, dissonant audio. The kind of music that only the pretentious cattle can appreciate, taking pride in being a fan before the band "sold out". Despite the sonic assault I started digging through some of their used CDs and came across a much beloved album - NOLA from Down. It was a favorite of mine in my youth. So much passion and anger. I was making my way to the register with my find when I saw her. She was rummaging through some vinyl in the corner, pulling the occasional album out to peruse its condition. I hastily paid for my disc and made my way out the door. I took up a position across the street to watch her leave. About 20 minutes later my persistence paid off. She exited with a bag in her left hand, apparently having found some acceptable vinyl. She headed west on the street away from the chaos of the Loop. I took up pursuit after she had put some distance between us. I maintained the distance and stuck to the shadows in case she became aware of me. To my good fortune she never did. Our journey ended about three blocks away from the record store. She entered a large, Colonial style house, left over from a time before the area was ravaged by the university cattle. There were no lights on when she entered, nor was she greeted by anyone. I surmise that she lives alone. Now that I know where she is I can drop by, maybe this evening.