Thursday, March 25, 2010

Body Count - 2

Feeling exhilarated today. I spent a lovely evening with the girl last night. I got to her house around 6:00 and took up a position slightly down and across from her front door. The sun was beginning to set so it was easier to blend into the heavily vegetated landscaping of the neighborhood. I couldn't discern any movement inside the house, but I knew she was home. I could hear the sound of jazz, Louis Armstrong I believe, emanating from inside. It was probably one of the records she picked up the night before. The music was very intoxicating. Its lulled me into a trance, enveloping me. I can see why she liked it. The cold hardness of my tools inside my jacket brought me back to reality, brought me back to my purpose. I intently returned to watching the house. I saw a few light turn on inside as the dying day gave in completely to night. Houses always seem to take on a vacant stare when illuminated with artificial light, like a pumpkin at Halloween. Sometime after 7:00 the front door opened and she emerged, dressed for a night on the town it would seem. Her auburn hair was up and she had large dangling earrings that framed her face. I couldn't tell what she was wearing at the time. She had on an overcoat to ward off the still cool spring air. She made her way through the front yard and turned towards the Loop, probably heading to the train station. I watched her as she elegantly sauntered down the street in some sort of heeled shoe. When she was clearly out of sight I decided it was time to go inside and prepare for her return. I quickly made my way around to the back of the house and was greeted by a backdoor that looked like it was original. Dense foliage provided great cover while I worked on making my way in. The archaic lock was easily opened opened in a few short minutes. There's nothing like the thrill of entering the empty abode of someone else. The foreign odors rush into you as your brain tries to discern them. Your eyes are bombarded by an array of sights familiar yet alien at the same time. Looking around I discovered many things about the girl. She was a medical student at the university. She was a very organized person - a place for everything and everything in it's place. Dishes and flatware were perfectly stacked and color coded in the kitchen. The bathrooms were sterilized and pristine. No clutter in the living room. The spare bedroom was adorned with pictures of what I would assume is her family and her childhood. Even at a young age she had those fierce blue eyes, magnificent in their steeliness. Eventually I made my way to the most coveted area of the house - her bedroom. The room like the rest of the house was immaculately kept. A few more pictures of family members hanging on the walls. A small writing desk in the corner holding a laptop and a few neatly stacked textbooks. Her canopied bed held a small litter of stuffed animals, probably the last vestiges of childhood she couldn't bring herself to part with. The closet was filled with neatly hung close and organized shoes. A few pieces of sporting equipment tucked in the corner. After immersing myself in her life for a few hours, it was time to go to work. The bedroom seemed the like the ideal place. I removed my tools from my jacket and delicately placed them on the nightstand. I filled the syringe with paralytic and sprayed out the air bubbles. Everything seemed in order. Now all I had to do was wait. Being that I spent a good deal of time exploring her dwelling it was a short wait. I heard a key turn in the tumbler downstairs. I took up position behind her bedroom door and waited for her. The few minutes it took her to come upstairs seemed to take an eternity. When she entered the room I sprang for before she had a chance to turn on the lights. In my excitement I knocked her back more than I intended to. Luckily from her shock and the force of the impact I was able to pounce on her before she could make more than a gasping sound. Quickly covering her mouth, I injected the paralytic into her jugular vein. The vein was protruding prominently from her raising heart making it easy for me. I stared into her eyes while the paralytic took full effect. Her steely eyes glared at me with a mixture of burning hatred and fear. Once the paralysis was complete I scooped her up and laid her on the bed. It was then I noticed her attire for her evening out. It was a short, blue cocktail dress. On the shoulder was a sticker that "Hi, my name is Anne". The remnant of some horrible social function. Reaching for my tools on the nightstand I pulled out a pair of shears to cut off the dress. She didn't need it any longer. To my surprise and delight she was naked underneath. That made things so much simpler. I put the shears away and drew one of my scalpels. I hate not being able to hold them directly in my hand, feeling their precision engineering as I work. Unfortunately, wearing gloves is a necessity when working away from home. The first incision was directly below her throat and I continued it down to her pelvis, a nice bisecting line. My next two cuts spread from the top of the first to each palm, making deep slices in the veins on the way down. The blood poured out of her "T" wound in copious amounts. It really was a beautiful sight. As the life drained from her frozen body the fire of hatred still burned in those magnificent eyes. I decided to I had to have them. I was a little apprehensive at first, having never done it before. I was sure that I would nick one of those delicate eyes and ruin it. But I steadied my hand and made the first incision just below the top of her eye socket. I then traced around the outline of the eyeball. There was more blood flow than I expected. I had to clean the area with a corner of her dress. The hard part was extracting the eye. I wasn't really sure of how to go about it. Finally I resolved to slide the scalpel in the side of the eye pop it out from behind. It was actually easier than I thought. Just had to sever a few nerve endings. The second eye followed easily and her heart stopped beating shortly after. The thrill of seeing her dead body was utter joy. For a few blissful minutes everything became pure and clear. It was truly a spiritual moment. Following my indulgence in the serenity of the kill I quickly gathered my tools and my trophies. I found a plastic bag in her kitchen to store the eyes in for the journey home. I checked myself in her hall mirror for blood on my body and clothing. Some spots on my face and neck that were easily washable. The minimal amount on my black clothing faded into obscure, nondescript stains. A quick look around for anything I had missed and then I was out the backdoor. I carefully crept out of the backyard and made my way down the street toward the Loop. The area wasn't very busy at the time of night, but there were still enough cattle floating around that I could pass through in anonymity. I was able to catch a train within 5 minutes of entering the platform. I slipped into a seat and enjoyed the ride home. I even bantered a little with the old man seated across from me who was of the mind that the area has gone to hell over the years. Arriving home just past midnight I diligently cleaned my tools and destroyed my clothing. I placed my trophies in my workshop to be enjoyed at a later time.

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