Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Body Cont - 3

Feeling bad this morning. Had to go to a company social function. Some kind of "ply the clients with drinks until they're stupid enough to fall for this shit" dinner. The details of the evening are a little fuzzy. I kept hearing Dad's voice over and over again "Mind your company manners, boy". I think I had a steak. Kind of ironic being surrounded by cattle. One of them from the accounting department tried to chat me up. I think I maintained my "human mask" well enough. I didn't scare it away, but I remember it picking up on the fact that I'm not all together "chatty". The Corporate Muppet flapped it's head about some nonsense or other. It's slurred droning was even more incoherent than normal. I don't think the idiot clientele were put off by that or even noticed it in their own drunken stupor. After what seemed like an eternity, I excused myself and hastily made my way to the door. One of the cattle said something about a lunch meeting today as I was passing. I made some non-committal response and continued my exodus. The wave of city air washed over my senses like a tidal wave. The stench is returning to the air. I've been so occupied with my trophies these past few days that I hadn't noticed. Making my way to the train station, I almost choked on the putridity. Thankfully I was able to board a train rather quickly and to my good fortune the car was mostly empty. A few students and some assorted cattle. One of them caught my eye, and obvious prostitute. She was relatively new on the scene. No visible scars or track marks. She didn't have the doe eyed naive look about her, but she still had a sparkle of false hope in her eyes. She looked around the car to see if anyone was checking her out. She glimpsed me watching and gave a small smile. She made her way over to me and struck up a conversation. And like all things, it boiled down to time and money. I had the money so she had the time. She said the next stop was hers and she had a little out of the way place we could go. I agreed and we hopped off at Union, near the West End. We walked for a few blocks down the mostly deserted street. The area had been a booming industrial area at one point, but it's now mostly home to the dregs of society. She brought me to an alley situated between a Chinese restaurant and an abandoned lawn mower factory. She said it was a quiet place where we could be outside and see the stars. Really what she meant was it's a place outside where I can scream for help and potentially get away from a would-be killer. We discussed price for a few minutes and then she got on her knees and began to caress my thighs. As she reached for my crotch and began undoing my zipper, she looked up at me and gave a wicked smile. I returned the smile and placed my left hand over her mouth and my right behind her neck and thrust forward toward the brick of the restaurant. Her head exploded in magnificent crimson. I pulled her to the ground and continued to bash her skull against the cool asphalt. Her eyes quickly glazed over and rolled to the back of her head. When I finally stopped her cranium was a mass of bloody chunks and blond hair. I gave a quick glance around to see if my actions had startled any of the cattle. I spied the restaurants dumpster at the end of the alley. I grabbed the girl's corpse and heaved her in. Taking an assessment of my appearance, I noted my dinner jacket was covered in her blood. I checked all the pockets for any identifying materials and then threw it in the dumpster. My pants were a little messy but not bad, easily worked with. A little searching through the dumpster yielded a few half empty bottles of beer. Grabbing my Zippo from front pocket and some paper from the dumpster for kindling, I started a fire. Once I had a good flame going I tossed it in and watched for a few minutes to make sure the rest of the contents started to catch. Nothing like a grease fire. I poured the beer on myself and untucked and unbuttoned my shirt so anyone noticing my appearance would chalk it up to me being a drunk. Satisfied with my handiwork, I made my way towards the train station with a slight stagger. On the ride back to my side of town I reflected on what transpired. I'm not really sure why I killed her. It was a stupid thing to do. I was fortunate her choice of venue afforded me the opportunity to easily cover up my mistake. Perhaps wearing my "human mask" for too long took it's toll on me.

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