Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Turn of Events

Had a meeting with some big wig cattle at the office this afternoon. With the Corporate Muppet still missing they have decided to replace him. My name was apparently at the top of a short list. According to them my qualifications are impeccable. My education and work experience are paramount. In short, I'm their ideal monkey. They pull my strings and I jump through hoops for them. I was conflicted for a moment before I gave them my decision. I have no desire to be a puppet for them or anyone else. I refuse to subjugate myself to the rule of corporate underlings. On the other hand, they are going to die in a short while anyway so I might as well take advantage of the corner office and substantial raise. I had to smile and laugh as I signed the contract. The cattle laughed as well. I guess they thought I was relishing in joining their club. Really I was laughing at the fact that murder is the easiest way to get ahead in the corporate world.

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