Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reaching Out

Beginning to feel like a rat in a laboratory maze. They're on the train, they're at the park, they're on the streets. I even spotted one at a restaurant when I went to lunch earlier. It's fucking maddening. I spoke to Candace this afternoon. I put on my best sympathetic "human mask". She sounded worn out when we talked, like she hadn't slept in days. She told me they had found her niece. She was alive but still in critical condition at St. Lukes. The girls was impaled with a flying chunk of rebar. Candace said it did quite a bit of damage to her internal organs. The doctors have given her 30% chance of pulling through. It was difficult to maintain my composure at the prospect of inching towards my triple digit goal. I offered her my "sympathies" and told her to call me if she needed anything. That phone call was the one bright spot I've had this week.

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