Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In a very poor mood today. I missed my test subject last night. Her apartment was darkened and vacant by the time I was able to observe her. I waited in the coffee shop for hours, swilling horrid liquid and listening to revolting music. It was all for naught and after several hours of bitter disappointment I reluctantly returned home. On top of all that aggravation I had to part with my trophies last night. They had completely lost their luster and appeal, becoming as dead to me as the girl that produced them. My anger and frustration were so immense that I wasn't able to sleep at all. I spent most of the night and early morning hours caring for my tools. The sound of a blade on a whetstone is usually so soothing to my ears. Each pass a melody of a symphony, a perfect harmony of steel and stone. Unfortunately last night I could not be pacified. Watching the sun rise and bringing with it the dreaded day was like a punch in the face. I must venture forth and be amongst the cattle and their wretched stench.

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