Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After last night's chance encounter with the Mirror Man, I decided to skip the train and take a cab to the office. It was an interesting experience. The driver didn't speak to me, so I didn't have to bother maintaining my "human mask". And since I wasn't surrounded by wall-to-wall cattle I was able to take in some of the more colorful sights of the city from my window. Abandoned buildings ravaged by fire, garbage lining the streets, an entire infrastructure laid to waste by neglect. I was even witness to a few drug deals. I always assumed crackheads were nocturnal creatures but apparently not. This place is like a sick anthropology experiment - watch as the caged cattle multiply and destroy themselves and their surroundings. It's staggering to think they willfully accept living in this environment. By the time I arrived at the office the sights were making me physically ill. They truly are a plague to this world.

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