Monday, March 22, 2010

The Happy Hunting Ground

Spent the entire day at the park yesterday. Walked around aimlessly, wandering through the cattle that had come out of hiding since the rains have stopped. So many faces to hate with their plastered expressions and false smiles. As I realized the air is beginning to take on a metallic taste again a thought occurred to me - it's the cattle, not the city that taints the air. A great purging and purification is needed to bring balance to nature.

Near sunset I spied the girl sitting on a bench near an empty soccer field, engrossed in a book. She didn't appear to be cognizant, or at least concerned of her surroundings. I watched her radiate as the fading sun illuminated her auburn hair. When the light became too dim to continue reading, she packed up and headed for the exit. I followed her from afar completely transfixed. Our cat and mouse journey took us to the Ginger Street station. The cramped confines and being surrounded by the cattle were detrimental to my pursuit, but I was able to push through and board the same southbound train. I stood as at the end of the crowded car continuing to record her every movement. She had delved back into her novel and was again completely oblivious to her surroundings. When the conductor announced the Norburn stop she reluctantly withdrew from her story and prepared to depart. I casually stepped closer to one of the sliding doors, seething with anticipation. The car came to a stop and the doors slid open. I was confronted with a horde of cattle, too ignorant to follow the simple instructions of "wait for passengers to de-board before entering car." Apparently there are too many syllables to comprehend. By the time I got through them, the girl was nowhere to be found. I walked around The Loop area well into the night, but never found a trace of her. Dejected, I found my way back to the train and rode home in bitter contemplation.

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