Thursday, March 18, 2010

Body Count - 1

I pushed a man this evening. He shoved his way through the other cattle on the platform, all the while flapping his lips incessantly on his phone. He ended up standing next to me at the edge. His voice was like an icepick in my brain. I could feel pressure welling behind my eyeballs, listening to a self-important insect prattle on. The din of the trains and his rambling turned into a mass of chaos. I didn't intend to, but before I realized it I had extended my arm and pushed him forward. He lost his balance and fell facedown onto the tracks. He was able to lift his head up just in time to see the 5:35 barreling down on him. I'm not sure if he screamed or not. It's a funny thing about trains. They can take a body and reduce it to something resembling chunky soup in a matter of seconds.

I didn't stick around to see the aftermath. In light of the evenings events I decided to walk. I didn't mind the rain. It was refreshing and the air was a little sweeter.

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